Brine Coolers (Alcali & Water)

Morgana’s Brine coolers are installed inside cold rooms, process rooms and refrigerated cabinets. Multiple configurations allow adaptation to different applications, available spaces and layouts. The use of a mixture of water and glycol as a carrier fluid provides an excellent alternative to more traditional refrigeration cycle systems, and by following the design logic of a traditional cooling coil exchanger, temperatures and cooling capacities suitable for the refrigeration sector can be obtained.

Main features:

  • 0.5kW – 300 kW
  • Available models: Small Units, Commercial Cubics, Industrial Cubics, Double Flow
  • Very wide range, from 1 fan of 250mm to 5 fans of 910mm
  • Availability of EC and AC Erp2015 axial fans
  • External casing in white pre-painted aluminum
  • Possibility of special versions (electric post-heating, glycol post-heating, interlaced glycol defrosting circuit)
  • Many options to choose from such as thermally insulated tank, water defrost, increased electric defrost
  • 10 surface treatments available to increase the life of the product in aggressive environments

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