Cooling Coil

Cooling Coils

Morgana’s Cooling Coil heat exchangers are manufactured according to customer specifications in terms of thermodynamic performance and frame conformation, so that they can be perfectly integrated into the customer’s machine or system.

Main features:

  • Compatible with most fluids in the liquid state (water, water-glycol mixtures, oil, diathermic fluids, etc.)
  • Possibility of 360 ° customization
  • 5 geometries available to meet all performance-related needs
  • 4 tubes available in various diameters and thicknesses
  • 4 materials available for the fins, including aluminum fin with hydrophilic treatment
  • Fin spacing from 1.6mm up to 11.0mm to ensure optimal defrosting intervals
  • Various materials available for the frame, including galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper
  • 10 surface treatments available to increase the life of the product in aggressive environments

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