DX Unit Coolers

Morgana’s unit coolers are installed inside cold rooms, process rooms, refrigerated cabinets and temperature abatement rooms. Multiple configurations allow adaptation to different applications, available spaces and layouts. Compatibility with all synthetic refrigerants, including A2L, to satisfy all the plant engineering choices of our customers.

Main features:

  • 0.5kW – 400 kW
  • Available models: Small Units, Commercial Cubics, Industrial Cubics, Double Flow, Blast Freezers
  • Very wide range, from 1 fan of 200mm to 5 fans of 910mm
  • Availability of EC and AC Erp2015 axial fans
  • External casing in white pre-painted aluminum
  • Possibility of special versions (electrical post-heating, glycol post-heating, interlaced glycol defrosting circuit)
  • Many options to choose from such as thermally insulated tank, water defrost, increased electric defrost
  • 10 surface treatments available to increase the life of the product in aggressive environments

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